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Ballroom Dancing

🎵 Musical Chairs! Groovy MOVES

Virtual Dance Classes ... Several times a week ... All Abilities
When, Mia, a dance teacher, lands in the hospital after an accident, Armando, a would-be dancer who admires her from afar, persuades her to train for an upcoming Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing Contest Director: Susan Seidelman. Starring: Leah Pipes, Laverne Cox, Priscilla Lopez ... 💻WheelchairDancers.online* What exercises can you do in a wheelchair? ... Move those shoulders ... We use our shoulders a lot, so it's important that we keep them strong ... Balloon Squeeze .. Sit up straight in your chair and hold a medicine ball, basketball or balloon up to your chest ... The Zombie Twist.. The Jazz Toes ... Higher Knee Exercise


Powerful opportunity to mitigate the ISOLATION that many disabled individuals face. This innovative approach pairs Wheelchair Users (Rollers) with Stand-up Volunteers (Walkers)

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Virtual Classes Several Times a Week 💻