Air Ambulance Service in Panama
Dr. Gerardo Castrellon Oller

Air Ambulance Panama

Panama has been ranked as one of the best countries to visit, whether for business or for vacation purposes. This requires having the best healthcare services available at all times as well as the best air ambulance transportation when necessary.

The Canal Zone
Insurance Companies
Cruise Ship Passengers
Tour Companies
Retirement Communities
Adult and Neonatal Transports

The transfer of critical patients using the services of an air ambulance needs to be done by a company that has the experience, technological capabilities and financial backing to NOT jeopardize or complicate the patient’s condition during transport.

As a well recognized medical doctor based in Panama City with several decades of experience, I personally rely on AirEvac International, a company with extensive experience in this field. As a physician, it is my responsibility that Panamanians and foreigners alike are well aware of the existence of this important, life-saving service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- with aircraft configured as Airborne Intensive Care Units.

I am personally readily available to coordinate air transports of adult, neonatal and pediatric patients. Call me, I will assess the patient’s condition (free of charge) and determine the best mode of transport, all in direct communication with the attending physician.

Dr. Gerardo Castrellon Oller
Punta Pacifica Hospital
A Johns Hopkins Affiliate Hospital
Air Ambulance PanamaOffice in Panama: 395-9446 / 6430-9620
Doctor's Cell Phone in Panama: 6617-6990
From the US call direct: 011-507-6617-6990
From the US call toll free: (888) 761-2253

Member American Academy of Family Medicine
Member Panamanian Society of General Medicine
Member World Organization of Family Physicians
Member American College of Occupational Enviromental Medicine

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Air Ambulance Panama