California will lead Legal Cannabis Sales in the United States, taking in $1 billion annually in taxes*

As of today, , Cannabis is legal in the United States for medical use in 28 states, and for recreational use in 8 states. The industry itself is growing by 30% per year, revenue is currently around US$8 billion in 2017 and expected to double to US$16 billion in 2020! See New Frontier Data analysis and reporting (CannabisIndustry.today)

My name is Carlos Ayala, I'm a San Diego-based professional originary from Panama City, Panama with 20+ years of experience in creating and driving business growth. I've negotiated partnerships and developed strategic alliances and market penetration in the U.S. and Latin America.

Embrasing the Collaborative Spirit of Legal

I'm keen in forming the right partnerships. I you feel I can add value to your objectives, let me know. I understand what motivates potential clients and partners to become engaged through natural, meaningful connections.

I'm all about business development and sales, market strategies, brand positioning, goverment affairs and competitive analysis. Public speaking and TV presentations, including displaying a Learjet at The Convention Center, can be seen here (but that's a different story from 1993...)

I now activelly Monitor Laws being discussed in the Legal Cannabis Industry in Latin America and stay abreast of Jurisdictions that are creating New Business Opportunities in North America with each new State that comes on board.

The illegal Cannabis Market is a US$36 billion industry in the United States alone*

++ Decree issued June 19, 2017 by Mexican President (original version of the law in Spanish).

The country of Mexico++ recently pass into law legalizing usage of Cannabis for medicinal purposes by allowing the production and distribution of The Plant.

This will create a regulated, tax-generating legal Cannabis Market in Mexico, plus access to the US$600 million Industrial Hemp Market, the largest in the world, now largely dependent on imports from Canada and China. See Congressional Research Service Study (Library of Congress)

World Trade Center in Mexico City
2nd annual Mexico's 2017 Cannabis Expo
August 17, 18 and 19

(I'll be at the Cannabis Expo Mexico City, lets meet)

Pharmacies in Uruguay* started selling cannabis under a four-year-old law that has made the small South American country the first in the world to legalize it from production to sale, while Costa Rica* and Peru* are activelly proposing some sort of Legalization. Chile*, Puerto Rico* and Brazil* already represent markets to be developed with every new passing law.

In Ecuador* Cannabis is already legal for personal consumption in quantities of up to 10 grams and Argentina* has made it legal in the providences of Santa Fe and Chubut and decriminalized for personal use or Private Cannabis Pubs.

I bring extensive experience with Industry Trade Shows (regional, national and international) and can tap into a professional network of key contacts developed throughout the years in business and government affairs.

Armed with a Strong Digital Cannabis Footprint
(Without necessarily touching The Plant)

I'm also a Cannabis Investor in the digital space with a Portfolio under management of 3,300+ generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD's) assets (without content).

Branded generic names & exact-match domains available
(Immediatelly add value to YOUR start-up or product launch)

The new Top-Level Domains (gTLD's) are The Digital Real Estate of the future, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. I seamlessly configure and strategically market domain names to produce quality Cannabis Internet Traffic 24/7.

- Cannabis Digital Traffic Generation: Metrics & Analytics
- Parking Monetization: PPC Model or Exclusive Partnership
- Transparent Marketing: Customers don't know they’ve been redirected

cannabis affiliate marketingThe end result is revenue through affiliation and strategic partnership via Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Lead, a performance-based online business model called Cannabis Affiliate Marketing.

So ultimately, whether domains end in .com, .news, .store, .lbjt, .today or .club -- they all stand on equal ground when it comes to branding and SEO performance.

I'm building a platform that leverages on predictive analytics to drive digital Cannabis traffic by means of propietary, keyword research tools. Producing thousands of visitors through Natural Search Engine Results, Pay-per-click (PPC) and Social Media Strategies.

My Portfolio is spread out between various categories including cultivation, irrigation, distribution, delivery, dispensaries, medical, research, entrepreneurship, software, funding, employment, labs, security, payment processing, law, accounting, investors, penny stocks and real estate.

Search for available Cannabis Domain Names below
Cannabis Domain Name Database in partnership with Uniregistry

And for the first time in history, patients may now choose to see a Cannabis Doctor online through HIPAA Compliant MedicalMarijuanaTelemedicine.services* for the purposes of obtaining a California Medical Cannabis Evaluation Card. So I've already secured a Portfolio of high-valued, one word Telemedicine-related gTLD's.

More information about me here. Request to view Portfolio here

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