At&T CallVantage

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Talk all you want with AT&T CallVantage. Get connected to family and friends using your existing broadband connection. Find the calling plan that fits your budget and needs.

The technology behind it converts your voice into data so you can place and receive your calls over your high speed Internet, DSL, cable, or fiber connection.

The standard service plans are perfect when you want to continue using your home phone the same way and might want multiple lines or even home fax capability.

If you travel a lot, the softphone option will suit your on-the-go lifestyle because you can make calls directly through your computer via a headset - no extra equipment required.

With AT&T CallVantage service, you'll use your phone the exact same way. You simply plug your computer, your high speed Internet connection, and your standard household telephone into the Telephone Adapter (provided with service) - it's that easy.

With the AT&T CallVantage Softphone software, you won't need the Telephone Adapter because you'll be making calls directly through your computer (a headset and microphone is required).

AT&T CallVantage service is a revolutionary new digital voice service that combines the power of your phone and high speed broadband Internet. It provides familiar capabilities and features through the phone you have today such as local, long distance, and nationwide calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Caller ID with Name, plus new web-based features for unprecedented control and connectedness.

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AT&T CallVantage