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China VoIP Industry is the world's largest supplier of VoIP products, accounting for more than half of global output. This year China's VoIP manufacturers are set to further boost production to meet growing demand.


China's VoIP Industry is growing rapidly., the largest VoIP portal in China, is a dynamic community for VoIP professionals to exchange ideas, learn what’s going on and find partners.

Greater China's manufacturers are expected to produce 29 million VoIP products this year. Exports are estimated to hit 22.66 million units -- an increase of 14%, according to China Sourcing Report on VoIP Products.

China Telecom and China Netcom are providers of broadband access services in China, with a combined broadband market share of 87% of subscribers.

Central Digital is a leading Chinese VoIP devices manufacturer. The company is actively looking for agents worldwide and it offers a complete line of quality VoIP products including IP Phones, Gateways, IP PBX and Softswitches. More information about Central Digital available here.

JMC Electron Co. is a professional Chinese manufacturer and exporter of home security products specializing in 2.4G and 1.2G AV color wireless cameras, IP cameras as well as other safety products.

Yuxin products have been widely used all over the world and exported to at least 100 countries. Based in China, the company is involved in research, development, manufacturing and sales of the broadband IP Phones, ATA's, gateways, USB phones, USB Gateways and related technology.

VanAccess offers wholesale VoIP hardware from China. The company is a distributor of emerging VoIP products from China that have no brand presence in Western markets. It offers a value alternative to those who do not want to purchase expensive VoIP equipment such as Linksys, Grandstream and others.

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China is a huge market for VoIP equipment vendors and carriers of various kinds and nationality. The U.S. Commercial Service publishes a report called VOIP Market Development in China (12/12/2005).

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