EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized)

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EVDO: A wireless radio broadband data protocol being adopted by many telecom providers.


Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO) is wireless broadband Internet access for Windows laptops, Mac OS X laptops or Linux laptops without the need for a hotspot.

EVDO cards offer a fast Wireless Broadband Access (3G) without needing a WiFi hotspot. You can have Internet access from anywhere including a car, park, train or anywhere you can open your laptop.

The EVDO card (often referred to as an "aircard") receives the signal and allows you to connect to the Internet. This is a way to access wireless Internet on a computer via the cellphone network rather than through a Wi-Fi connection.

One benefit of an EVDO card is that you can get Internet access on a computer anywhere that you can get a cellphone signal from the relevant network.

Tipically you have a choice between an EVDO card for use on a pre-paid basis or an EVDO card which is tied to a service subscription. The latter is usually cheaper because it is subsidized by a network provider.

Average download speeds are usually 400K-700K. Just insert a EVDO PC Card into your laptop and you will be connected to the Internet at very fast speeds.

EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized)