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The U.S. could have nearly 90,000 fewer doctors than needed by 2020 and 130,000 fewer by 2025, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Furthermore, the American Medical Association states that up to 70% of doctor office visits and 40% of emergency room visits are unnecessary, and that many of these medical situations can be handled effectively with a telemedicine consultation. The future is now for moving telemedicine into mainstream, according to a Research & Markets Report.

Telemedicine Service Membership

Telemedicine services are available through affordable telemedicine platforms like Call A Doctor Plus®, providing access to medical treatment and prescription medications without the need to wait in a doctor’s office, urgent care facility or emergency room.

Telemedicine Business Opportunity On-demand physician care
Telemedicine Business Opportunity Consultation with a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Telemedicine Business Opportunity Prescription medication, pickup at nearest pharmacy
Telemedicine Business Opportunity U.S.-based, state-licensed, and NCQA-certified physicians
Telemedicine Business Opportunity Easy-to-use online health tools

The service is provided by Call A Doctor Plus® (CADR+), an innovative healthcare platform that gives an individual or family 24/7 access to the quality care they need when they need it most, all from your phone or computer.

The service is powered by Teladoc®, the oldest and largest doctor network in the US.

Telemedicine can have a dramatic effect on a company's healthcare costs by lowering the use of traditional healthcare. CADR+ has created the systems and servicing mechanisms to drive telemedicine utilization which in turn will deliver a healthy ROI.

Why become a Telemedicine Agent for Call a Doctor Plus®

Telemedicine Business Opportunity Differentiate yourself by offering an innovative product
Telemedicine Business Opportunity Add a new revenue stream for your business
Telemedicine Business Opportunity Offer a value-added, superior benefit to your clients
Telemedicine Business Opportunity Provide access to a national network of US certified doctors 24/7
Telemedicine Business Opportunity Help your clients lower their healthcare cost
Telemedicine Business Opportunity Create employee loyalty and retention
Telemedicine Business Opportunity To become a Telemedicine Agent, enter password "engage" here

Telemedicine Business OpportunityBy partnering with Call a Doctor Plus®, you will have access to the highest quality, most flexible, and cost effective telemedicine program on the market today. Become a Call a Doctor Plus® Telemedicine Agent, enter password "engage" here.

Working with Teladoc®, Call a Doctor Plus® focuses on the small to medium sized companies by offereing the best customer support in the industry.

Through Call a Doctor Plus®, patients have on demand access to physicians via phone to receive treatment for non-emergency medical issues including cold and flu, urinary tract infections, allergies, bronchitis, skin rashes and sinus problems.

Telemedicine Business Opportunity Highest monthly recurring commissions
Best-in-class agent support
Online training videos
Weekly live training webinars
Online agent administrative portal
Professional marketing materials
Dedicated customer call center
Earn 25% recurring commission/membership/month

To become a Telemedicine Agent, enter password "engage" here
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