Devadip Tejeida Palacios

Experienced Cannabis Cultivator

San Francisco * San Diego

Breeding ... Cloning ... Vegetation ... Flowering ... Harvesting & Drying ... Trimming ... Curing ... Packaging & Distribution

- Composed feeding solution using various nutrients
- Monitored PH levels, PPM’s, EC, Temp for RO Water & Feeding
- Creating & documenting feeding schedule
- Monitored plants closely for excesses & deficiencies
- Scheduled regimen of organic formulas for prevention of pest
- Removed necrosis
- Systematically toped & trimed sections of plants
- Scheduled/performed reverse osmosis water flush
- Prepared & sterilized work area for cloning
- Meticulously made specific fine cuts of the mother plant
- Successfully rooted clones for further development
Preparing Medium
- Prepared Coco Coir with a mixture of aerator grow stone - Prepared hydroponic rock wool cubes with PH 5.5
- Re-potted clones to larger mediums
- Handled perlite
- Maintained appropriate temperature & humidity levels
- Prepared blooming solution
- Trimed & cureed flower
Equipment Installation
- Able to install from 400-1000 watt lights with ballast
- Squirrel Cage Ventilator
- Carbon Filter
- AC Units

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Devadip Tejeida Palacios