Business Plan on a Napkin

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Thank you for your interest in 420Executive.today®, diligently working and researching to build The World's Largest Network of Domains related to the Cannabis Industry (looking for investors).

420Executive.today® California
420Executive.today® Ohio
420Executive.today® Colorado
420Executive.today® New York
420Executive.today® Florida
420Executive.today® Puerto Rico
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NOTE: 420Executive.today is registered with The Bureau of Cannabis Control of the State of California: www.bcc.ca.gov


- Min $10K investment - Partner gets exclusive usage of up to 500 names - First come. First serve


- Min $5K - Partner gets exclusive usage up to 100 names - First come. First serve - PARTNER gets Domain(s) usage for a specific period of time (mutually agreed in writing) - PARTNER gets exclusivity to develop domain(s) agreeing to maintain the 420Executive.today Brand intact for the duration of the Partnership - 420Executive.today maintains ownership of name, in return leases it out in exclusivity at no charge - 420Executive.today gets small % of sales for the duration of the Partnership

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Carlos Ayala DBA: 420Executive.today Direct: (619) 940.8575

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