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Internet Phone TV


Now you can watch TV on your cell phone with an Internet Phone TV. First there was the Cell Phone, then came the Smart Phone and the Camera Phone. But brace yourself, here comes the TV Phone.

Streaming television on your cell phone has arrived. These cell phones have streaming TV capability that will allow you watch TV right on your cell phone screen.

Watch TV on your cell phone. This breakthrough in technology is just beginnning to get real HOT.

Mobile television usually means television watched on a small handheld device. It may be a pay TV service broadcast on mobile phone networks or received free-to-air via terrestrial television stations from either regular broadcast or a special mobile TV transmission format.

Some mobile televisions can also download television shows from the internet, including recorded TV programs and podcasts which are downloaded and stored on the mobile device for later viewing.

Streaming television on your cell phone has arrived HERE!
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