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Learn How to Use Skype as a Telemarketing Tool

Internet Telephony Secrets teaches you how to use VoIP for Sales, Marketing, Telemarketing, Direct Selling, On-demand Broadcasting, Virtual Call center Creation, Network Marketing and the other strategies...


Internet Telephony Secrets shows you the secret to using Skype as a small business marketing tool.

Skype is already changing the way we do we do business (even as you're reading this). A little piece of software that uses VoIP (Voice Over IP) and P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology has created waves after waves of excitement, anticipation and even frustration since it's launch.

Skype is a breakthrough softphone application that allows you to make phone calls from your PC direct to another Skype user, or any regular fixed or mobile telephone. The cost is extremely cheap, and the quality has seen massive leaps of continuous improvement since it's launch in 2003. Everyone knows all that.

Here's what most people don't know: Skype can be used as powerful and effective marketing tool for any small business.

If you want to reach an international market, get telephone inquiries and leads from China, Mexico, Canada, South America or even if you just want to use it to communicate with your business associates and clients, you should download Telephony Secrets and learn how to use Skype as a Marketing or Telemarketing tool by considering these facts:

1) The Power of SkypeIn and Virtual Numbers.
2) The Power of Third-Party Applications.
3) The Integration Capabilities of Skype.

You can create Powerful Telemarketing Applications that cost pennies a day compared to the traditional telemarketing solutions.

Internet Telephony Secrets Here.

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