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Invented by at the end of 1994 and pioneered by in 1996, Affiliate Programs, also known as Associate Programs or Partner Programs, are a way for websites to generate revenue by directing traffic toward other sites and a great way for the operating site to increase its traffic and revenue.

Today Affiliate Marketing is quickly becoming a cost-effective option for generating sales, while providing huge savings in advertising.

Making full use of techniques that combine Affiliate Marketing, Domain Names and Social Media has become a driving force on the Internet when it comes to the Legal Cannabis Industry (without touching The Plant).

Redirecting Internet traffic saves tremendous cost on designing and hosting your own website. Search engines find it friendlier for their spiders to visit, it provides better ranking possibilities - and most importantly - makes it easy for customers to remember.

The end result is revenue through Strategic Partnership by means of Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Lead, a performance-based online business model.

How Does It Work?

When you join an Affiliate Marketing Program you're supplied with a "unique code" to place wherever you like, preferably embedded into memorable URL's like,,,,,,, or

When visitors click on the Domain they're referred to the merchant or service provider. All activities are digitally tracked, typically for up to 90 days or more, providing real-time statistics and reports.

Most top-notch Affiliate Marketing Programs allow you to log in 24/7 to check performance, traffic and sales.

*3,300+ Domain Names related to the Cannabis Industry available (without content) covering the full spectrum of the Legal Cannabis Industry including Cultivation, Biotech & Pharma, Delivery, Dispensaries, Healthcare & Medical, Cruises & Travel, Software, Funding, Employment, Labs, Security, Payment Processing, Legal, Accounting, Investing and Real Estate®

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