California becomes World's Largest Legal Cannabis Market in 2018!

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To put it in perspective, the entire established adult Cannabis market of Colorado and Washington have ONLY 5.5 and 7 million residents respectively.

California, by comparison, is home to 40 million people. The Los Angeles metropolitan area alone, also known as Metropolitan Los Angeles, is the 2nd largest in the United States and the 18th largest metropolitan area in the world.

On Jan. 1, 2018, California will enter a new era with Cannabis when recreational sales become legal and join the long-standing medical industry in what will become the largest U.S. Legal Cannabis Economy.

Armored cars needed to transport hundreds of millions of dollars in cash tax payments expected next year

- 1/4 of North American Legal Cannabis will be sold and taxed in California
- California will be taking in US$1 billion annually in taxes
- New dispensary openings faster than McDonald’s & Starbucks combined
- The California market alone is worth US$7 billion
- Industry projected to create more jobs than manufacturing by 2020
- The Cannabis Green Rush has been declared the new Gold Rush
- Over US$13 billion saved on Prohibition Enforcement
- Significant prison cost savings and tax revenue generator
- Seniors are the fastest growing group of Cannabis users in the U.S.
- California's Cannabis Crop worth US$14 billion in revenue per year
- The Illegal Cannabis Market is a US$36 billion industry (in the US alone)
- Cannabis growers new legal rival: Colombia (

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