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Luchadores LOVE
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Consejo Mundial Lucha Libre

The antecedents of Mexican Lucha Libre date back to 1863, during the French Intervention in Mexico, when Enrique Ugartechea, became the first Mexican wrestler.

Lucha Libre Shows in the US-Mexico border were organized then by foreign promoters who brought in American Professional Wrestlers as their Main Attraction.

When he was 13 he saw Romulus, a strongman and wrestler as an inspiration. He was representative of the brand Spalding in Mexico and known as "Mexico's Strongest Man"

In the early 1900s, professional wrestling was mostly a regional phenomenon in Mexico until Salvador Lutteroth founded the Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling Enterprise) in 1933, giving the sport a national foothold for the first time.

El Marqués from the golden age of Mexican Wrestling, always brought his "Compadre" Aníbal as a relief partner. Luchadores love Cannabis for Pain Relief... Cannabis.family