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Telemedicine and Latin America

Reversing The Tide

Success in business is often achieved by taking the roads less traveled, not by following the herd. When it comes to creating a business revolution, that is an even more appropriate path to follow.

While you will find Johns Hopkins, the Cleveland Clinic and Partners Connected Care with telemedicine beach heads in Latin America, the historic “port of entry” for international medical care for Latin America has been Miami.

There are, however, signs of major change in the air — changes befitting a new century: a century of converging telecommunications, digital medical devices, medical software, consumer electronics, medical robotics, international trade and global terrorism.

In this brave new world, American medical centers can no longer rely upon telemedicine to bring affluent patients via remote medical education, electronic grand rounds or hosted mainland conferences. Latin American medical leaders are recognizing that they now have the capacity to become their own medical centers of excellence — “hubs” to a rapidly expanding wireless and broadband networks that promise to “reverse the flow” of patients and dollars back toward the development of Latin America’s own centers of medical excellence.

While lagging behind the “focused [medical] factories” of India and Canada, which are beginning to attract American “medical tourism in reverse,” Latin American countries have the potential to use both broadband and wireless networks to economically disseminate digital medical care throughout their countries and well beyond.

Historically, the best known American medical centers have relied upon their international brand names, clinical reputations and international graduates to pull high income patients out of Latin America into the U.S. for “world class care.” The new paradigm “reverses the flow” of both patients and money to create medical centers of excellence within Latin America for those having the vision and leadership to see and create this new medical future.

The Latin American medical center leaders of 2012 will have on demand video connections to dozens if not hundreds of remote medical centers. Some will be located in retail stores and pharmacies, as they now are beginning to emerge in the U.S. Others will be in more traditional hospital, medical and nursing facilities.

Beyond the traditional fixed base connections, however, cell phones and Internet technology are transforming “the old telemedicine” of the 20th century into “mobile, two-way interactive, voice, data and video” connections. This “new century telemedicine” enables doctors, patients and those who seek to remain healthy to have ‘round the clock connections, most automatically programmed without the need for constant professional monitoring.

The cost of equipment, software and connectivity are coming down dramatically. Given that, Latin American countries with the greatest opportunity are those whose medical, business and political leaders grasp the importance of establishing their own networks, with appropriate telemedicine links to the world, not just to the USA. The worst thing Latin American and other developing countries need is to try to replicate an American system that many American leaders now feel is deeply flawed.

While “the doctor will see you now” has and will continue to be the mantra for linking doctors and patients, “the new telemedicine” offers many more opportunities for cost effectively advancing the health of entire nations. One to one, curative medicine need no longer depend upon the patient being brought to the doctor. Now, telecommunications can bring the doctor to the patient where ever a cell phone can reach.

Beyond that, however, it offers potential global access to preventive care, chronic disease management and most of all, those daily reminders by cell phone or email that can help people remain well.

Ronald Hammerle is the Chief Executive Officer and Carlos Ayala is the Advisor for International Services of Health Resources, Ltd., a 31 year old American company with an internationally known team of leaders in medicine, business, marketing and technology.

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Free IVF treatment in Cancun Mexico

Medical tourism in Cancun and Mexico is one of the popular trends among Americans. Cancun is a coastal city situated on the south-east coast of Mexico. Being a tourist destination with hot and humid weather, it is also called Mexican Caribbean.

Moreover, it is the perfect destination for In Vitro fertilization Treatments (IVF) while vacationing, getting to know the Maya ruins, enjoying the beautiful Mexican Caribbean, exploring ancestry cultures and much more.

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Many Americans prefer to travel Mexico in order to get affordable medical services such as cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, orthopedic treatments and weight loss treatments.

Affordability of Mexico's medical services is the strongest reason for the increasing popularity of medical tourism in Mexico. Moreover, new hospitals in Cancun and Mexico are rendered as the world-class health-care centers.

An affordable IVF service in Cancun is the proof of Mexico’s health services at their best. For more information about medical tourism services in Mexico visit

Galenia Hospital, founded in 2004, is one of the splendid hospitals providing the best IVF facilities in Cancun. It is certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and Accreditation Canada International (ACI). Cancun and Mexico are leading destinations for fertility tourism as there are no waiting lists or laws that prohibit IVF or reproductive technologies. Moreover, there is possibility to win free IVF treatment in Cancun. Visiting couples wishing to get pregnant can fill out an entry form for a chance to win. Doesn’t it look like a fantastic offer? For more information about IVF treatments in Cancun visit

Cancun is a safe place to visit with beautiful vacation homes and 5 star hotels. Couples can feel at ease visiting Cancun for their fertility care as these services are under the supervision of highly qualified doctors and well-trained IVF nursing staff using modern technologies. In a nutshell, couples can enjoy wandering along the coast, while experiencing the glorious IVF treatment. For more information about IVF treatments in Cancun visit

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The CCTV Security Market in Latin America

CCTV Entrepreneur Expands to Exploding Latin American Market

Fort Lauderdale, Fl. – Any company of any size operating now or planning to open in Latin America should be concerned with the security of their operation. CCTV Technology offers a low-cost, comprehensive solution to the problem so that even the smallest business owner can sleep soundly, knowing their investment is well protected.

IP or Internet Protocol is one of those technologies that provides the best and least expensive solution to the problem of security. Carlos Ayala owns and operates a popular online destination catering to security conscious business owners interested in taking advantage of IP and other leading edge technologies.

His website receives hundreds of visitors daily where they can choose from a wide variety of products. The market for IP video surveillance cameras will double this year, reaching $4 billion by 2013.

Mr. Ayala states, "There is a growing market in Latin America for security and surveillance products, particularly High Resolution Security Cameras, GPS Satelite Tracking Devices and Wireless Home Alarms that call your cell phone. It is our intention to be a part of this wave of interest by promoting high security technology, while aggressively developing new relationships."

Mr. Ayala personally deals with every business owner/operator, providing exceptional customer service while winning people over with his genuine approach.

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Rapid Growth in Telecom & VoIP Employment Opportunities

Explosive growth in the Telecom Industry, particularly the VoIP sector, is creating attractive employment opportunities.

Coconut Creek, Fl. – U.S. Department of Labor forecasts show that the second fastest growing occupation through 2014 is that of Network Systems and Data Communication Analysts. Jobs in this category are expected to increase by 55% compared to the employment level in 2004.

Ranked 5th in this time horizon were jobs for Computer Software Engineers-Applications, which are seen as growing by 48%. Ranked 8th, 11th and 12th, respectively, are Computer Software Engineers-Systems Software, Network and Computer Systems Administrators and Data Base Administrators.

"Job increases will be driven by very rapid growth in computer systems design and related services, which is expected to be one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. economy," reported the U.S. Department of Labor in the 2006-07 edition of its Occupational Outlook Handbook.

More IT jobs are available in the U.S. today than at the peak of the explosion, in spite of the offshoring of a number of jobs in this category.

The Internet Telephone Technology or VoIP, is quickly replacing the centuries-old, conventional communications industry. Simplicity and low cost are driving its rapid adoption by both consumers and businesses.

Developing applications that are able to make full use of the ever increasing availability of new Internet resources requires professionals that satisfy demanding performance standards.

It has been stated that VoIP will be able to support new communications functions that don’t even exist today. The U.S. Department of Labor anticipates that "employment is expected to increase much faster than the average as organizations continue to adopt increasingly sophisticated technologies."

Job offers in telecommunications are constantly changing, reflecting the on-going dynamics in the industry.

Telecom professionals are constantly reviewing career opportunities (and rightly so) at Telecom Jobs & VoIP Employment Opportunities where telecom jobs are posted daily, thus providing an easy path to locating related jobs.

It is published by, a comprehensive Online Directory of VoIP-related websites including VoIP providers, business & consumer VoIP solutions, products & services.

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