Latin America: Leading the Way on Cannabis Reform!

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Medicinal Cannabis in Mexico

(Law in Spanish)

COFEPRIS, Mexico’s health regulation body, stated the agency plans to legalized the sale of cannabis-based medicines, foods, drinks, and various other forms of The Plant. Regulation and policies are currently being set by the country’s Health Department.

Even though the prohibition against cultivation and over-the-counter use has remain, COFEPRIS expects cannabis products to be imported at first, with domestic cultivation and manufacturing expected to follow soon.
- See Decree issued June 19, 2017 by Mexican President (Spanish)*
"Its Our Turn" says Vicente Fox, Ex-President of Mexico Centro Fox ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Medical Cannabis Latin America***
Due to its geographical placement, tax regulations, and longstanding position as a major throughway for international trade, Panama has the potential to be the center of the Latin American Cannabis Industry.® present in Panama Cannatech. Panamá... "Puente del Mundo - Corazón del Universo"

In Uruguay pharmacies are legally selling Cannabis under a law that has made the small South American country the 1st in the world to legalize it from production to sale.

In Ecuador Cannabis is legal for personal consumption in quantities of up to 10 grams. Argentina has made it legal in the providences of Santa Fe and Chubut and decriminalized for personal use in Private Cannabis Pubs while Colombia creates a Cannabis Cultivation Program where the Brand already has a mystique, hoping to become a key player in Legal Cannabis sales.

Peruvian Law: Medicinal & Therapeutical Cannabis

Peru recently voted to legalize Cannabis for medical use, Costa Rica gets closer to creating a and in Panama (proposed Law #595) would soon authorize and regulate the medicinal use of cannabis, while Chile, Puerto Rico and Brazil are being fulled with implementation of new Legal Cannabis Laws.

World's Legal status of Cannabis
as of !

Cannabis Legal (as authorized by physician)
Legal for Adult use (no prescription required)
NOTE: Map does not reflect approved use of Isolated Cannabinoid Drugs, such as Sativex or Marinol.®

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The Pulse of the Cannabis Industry in the Americas