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My name is Carlos Ayala, I'm a bilingual San Diego-based professional with 20+ years of experience in creating and driving business growth.

My work experience has been mostly Business Development. I graduated with a BS in Systems Engineering from Wright State University, Dayton Ohio in 1981.

If I you feel I could add value to YOUR cannabis business let's meet

I'm also looking for content. I own thousands of Top Level Domain Names (without content). The full spectrum of the Cannabis Industry including Cultivation, Biotech & Pharma, Delivery, Dispensaries, Healthcare & Medical, Cruises & Travel, Software, Funding, Employment, Labs, Security, Payment Processing, Legal, Accounting, Investing and Real Estate.




Cannabis is still illegal under US Federal Law. See FDA and Marijuana
I DO NOT endorse the illegal use of cannabis (in any shape or form whatsoever)
Press Inquiries: press@LegalCannabis.press