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The Green Rush Room...

Helping Bring Cannabis back into the Mainstream of Medicine Studies show evidence that cannabis can reduce reliance on opioids Studies show evidence cannabinoid inhibits cancer cell proliferation
Over US$13 billion could be saved on Prohibition Enforcement PLUS tax revenue generator

Cultivation ... Employment ... Biotech and Pharma ... Healthcare & Medical ... Payment & Processing ... Delivery & Dispensaries ... Labs ... Legal ... Security ... Software ... Investing ... Accounting ... Real Estate
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(Downloadable Medical & Recreational Cannabis Business Plans)

My name is Carlos Ayala, I'm a San Diego-based Panamanian professional with 20+ years of experience in creating and driving business growth. I have a BS in Systems Engineering from Wright State University, Dayton - Ohio in 1981.

The Cannabis Industry is predicted to explode. Job and business opportunities aligned to accommodate the rising demand, worldwide.

With more than the expected jobs to be produced in manufacturing, utilities or even government, the so-called "Green Rush" shows no sign of slowing down, similar to Cable TV or Broadband Internet.

The result is thousands of "Legal Dispensaries" operating in the US, with new dispensary openings growing faster than McDonald’s and Starbucks franchises.

Armed with a Strong*
Propelling The Legal Cannabis Industry Forward*
6030 Santo Road, Suite 420231 * San Diego CA 92142
domain names® has partnered with Frank Schilling's (formerly securing 3,300+ new generic Top-Level Domains.

Building a Digital Cannabis Footprint consisting of 3,300+ keyword-focused domains covering the full-spectrum of the Legal Cannabis Market, with an emphasis in new gTLD as they are introduced into the Internet's authoritative database, known as the Root Zone.

Seeking the right investors to join us on our journey to digitally elevate Legal Cannabis through education, empowerment and community awareness.

From software to financial services, the Ancillary Cannabis Business is a thriving business -- with fewer legal hurdles. The expansion of generic Top-Level Domains is underway today (e.g. .cash, .doctor, .town, .christmas, .vegas, .app) making it an ideal investment for anyone interested in The Green Rush.

The investment does not carrying the risks and legal pitfalls of “plant-touching” business models, while targeting rapidly-growing niche markets within the Legal Cannabis Industry.

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Natural HEMP Nutrition*

*3,300+ Domain Names available (without content) covering the full-spectrum of the Legal Cannabis Industry including Cultivation, Biotech & Pharma, Delivery, Dispensaries, Healthcare & Medical, Cruises & Travel, Software, Funding, Employment, Labs, Security, Payment Processing, Legal, Accounting, Investing and Real Estate

Cannabis is still illegal under US Federal Law. See FDA and Marijuana
I DO NOT endorse the illegal use of cannabis (in any shape or form whatsoever)
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