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Hurricane-Proof Your Phones
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Save Up To 50% Over BellSouth®
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Watch a "Hurricane Proof Phone System" in Action HERE.

STS TELECOM is a Florida-based, privately-held, full service telecommunications company established in 1994 as a long distance provider servicing the Florida community.


Give us 30 minutes of your time, and we will come to your business and demonstrate the power of STS VoIP services. We will bring the IP phones and the Customer Portal. You bring the questions! Let STS Telecom show you a phone system that...

Never goes down.
Saves you hundreds of dollars per month on voice and data services.
Eliminates the cost of purchasing & maintaining a PBX system.

Let us show you how you can improve your productivity, cut your monthly telecom costs AND keep your phone system working even after a hurricane hits your area.

Who are we? We are STS Telecom, a Florida based company providing telecommunication services since 1994.

As seen on NBC 6 South Florida Today.

If you live in South Florida call (954) 862-7008 and we will come to your location to show you how to save hundreds of dollars per month on voice and data services.

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma swept across Florida and left damage estimated to cost in excess of $10 billion. With telephone service, electric, cellular connectivity and Internet access down for several weeks, Florida business owners learned valuable lessons the hard way.

Find out if you can benefit from VoIP. Let us review your phone situation and give you a VoIP Demo on location FREE of charge.

STS Telecom provides a Network Managed Solution that delivers high quality Voice over IP Technology all the way to your desktop, thanks to a partnership with The NAP of the Americas, a premier disaster-proof telecommunications fortress.

No more expensive phone systems, costly PBX maintenance agreements or geographical restrictions.

Multi-Line VoIP Packages available.
Eliminate the cost of purchasing & maintaining a PBX System.
Same system per office with 4 digit dialing.
1000 FREE Domestic Long Distance minutes/line/month.
Each user receives their own web portal.
Enhanced Voicemail with eMail notification as well as Fax.
Cisco Equipment - Voice Quality of Service.
Professionally installed & maintained by STS TELECOM.

Disaster Proof Facility located at: The NAP of the Americas.

South Florida Telecom