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With Telebay VoIP, you can offer products and services through your own personalized and co-branded VoIP website.

Services like Packet8 Broadband, Vonage, VoIPNet, Opex Internet Voice and Lingo as well as local service providers like Trinsic, MCI, Spectrotel, Blue Casa and Cleartel.

A collection of the best local service providers is at your fingertips with Telebay. These providers offer bundled local and long distance plans at rates that beat all the other guys.

Offer long distance providers like Trinsic, Tel3, Pioneer and Opex and one of the best collection of wireless providers online like T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, Verizon, AllTel, Nextel, Sprint PCS, Liberty and Venture -- coupled with top-dollar VoIP commissions.

VoIP will irreversibly alter the world of communications. VoIP is the most significant paradigm shift in the entire history of modern communications since the invention of the telephone.
Former FCC Chairman Michael Powell

Telebay VoIP Business Opportunity