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Fire Resistant Hemp House Burning Demonstration at Cannabis Village - Balboa Park, San Diego, California
Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc.
Cannabis for the Cause | San Diego State University
Association of Cannabis Professionals | Earth Day
Former NFL player Kyle Turley at Cannabis Village
Former NFL player Kyle Turley at Cannabis Village
The Hemp Room by Rick Edward Richards, Publisher of The Hemp Advocate
Nurse Heather Manus, RN | Board of Directors for the American Cannabis Nurses Association
Nurse Heather Manus, RN | REF:
Cannabis Attorney Ken Sobel: Adding PTSD to the list of Approved Qualifying Conditions in Arizona
With Miguel Angel Rivera Lopez - Fundación "Una Esperanza Por Emili" Mexico City
With Medical Marijuana Genetics, Inc - Mexico City, Mexico*
"Its Our Turn" says Vicente Fox, Ex-President of Mexico Centro Fox has concluded the presentation before members of the press of the global summit CannaMexico 2018. This presentation was hosted by the former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada; accompanied by Lic. Carlos Lizardi, Legal Director of COFEPRIS; Fernando Belaunzarán, Chairman of The Committee on Drug Policy; Dr. Óscar Próspero García, surgeon, scientist and researcher at UNAM; Raúl Elizalde Garza, lawyer, entrepreneur and activist of "Fundación por Grace"; Cheryl Shuman, "The Queen of Cannabis", Businesswoman, Investor and CEO of Cheryl Shuman Inc. and Founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club; Demitri Downing, Director of MITA (Marijuana Industry Trade Association in Arizona) and James W. Baumgartner, President of Panacea Life Sciences®

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