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There are therapeutic/health benefits in every stage but in the heated you will find the most powerful. They all have benefits, many choose to juice and use raw and others heat. Vaporizers tend to allow cannabinoids to be released without the destruction of almost all but THC with a heated flame. From CBD to Cannabis and concentrates of both - vaporizing has became the healthy way for medicinal use (or ingestion). Salves are also good for external use. Full Plant Oils are ingested for Cancer and other treatments as well applied topically to areas. CBD is also used in this manner for Cancer. With Epilepsy some will respond quickly to CBD while others will respond to THC and CBD or just THC. It varies - the other cannabinoids shouldn't be left out of the entire equation regardless of how it's being used for health purposes. Recreational, THC is generally what's looked for but it is surprising the number of people gaining knowledge about CBD strains with some THC...


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