Value-Added Voice Over IP Services


Unlimited calling to the US, Canada & Puerto Rico for only $19.95 a month with VoIP. Get all the features & services you want without paying for the ones you don't.

You can keep your existing home phone number and your current phone -- plus, make FREE unlimited calls anywhere in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

VoIP works just like a regular phone with just one key difference — how the phone call actually gets to your telephone. Instead of using the high priced telephone company's wiring, voip routes your phone calls directly to your telephone using your high speed internet connection. also offers all the calling features you want for much less than traditional phone companies. Plus you get extra great features that you can manage online.

Voip puts the FREE into freedom. From FREE internet telephony communication to unlimited Voip services at a low monthly rate, voip's direct mission is to provide the highest quality telephone system you've ever used.

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Voice Over IP Services