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VoIP Cell Phone.

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Cut your cell-phone bill by using a VoIP Cell Phone. MINO Wireless has developed new technology that makes international calls from mobile phones convenient and affordable.

It is the most cost-effective way to make international calls from mobile phones. A VoIP Cell Phone service works worldwide and offers low rates for calling from any country to any other country, sometimes as low as two cents per minute.

MINO's VoIP Cell Phone makes your calls convenient and affordable by routing them through the Internet connection available on most modern mobile phones. The patent-pending technology uses the traditional phone infrastructure to make calls with high quality and reliability but with significant advantages including:

Dramatic savings over international plans.
The convenience of direct dialing.
Low rates worldwide, not just in one country or region.
Call from either a cell phone, a regular phone or MINO website.
Web-based access to billing information.

MINO's VoIP Cell Phone is great for travelers who need to make calls from different countries. Now you can make international calls from your mobile phone in any country.

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VoIP Cell Phone