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Get VoIP Training online, take a FREE Voice over Internet Protocol test which measures your knowledge of VoIP. Designed for experienced professionals, this test covers the following topics:

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General Overview
IP Telephony Basics
Quality of Service
Deployment Scenarios
Network Architecture

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This particular test is associated with a Telecommunications Specialist responsible for analyzing, designing, implementing, testing, monitoring, supporting, and evaluating systems that communicate information, including data, voice, text, images, and video, across long distances.

A Telecommunications Specialist researches, evaluates, and recommends voice and data communications hardware and software.

A person in this position troubleshoots telecommunications problems and identifies areas of operation such as security, faulty trunks or ports, and so forth, that need repair, restoration, and upgraded equipment.

A Telecommunications Specialist should be familiar with a variety of telecommunications-related areas such as Voice over Internet Protocol, VoiceMail, Call Center Systems, Videoconferencing, Telecommunications Vendors and Long-distance Providers.

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VoIP Training