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Medical Marijuana
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Earn a Master of Marijuana Certification

The tracks in real time the rapid growth in revenue as the result of several more states voting to legalize marijuana or cannabis this past election.

Our mission has NOTHING to do with the legalization of the street drug, and everything to do with monitoring breakthroughs in medical treatments and opportunities available in the digital space in relation to Domains.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has made it easy for small companies to access funding by allowing non-accredited investors and individuals earning less that $100,000/year to invest up to 5% of their annual income into private cannabis companies.

From the scientific point of view, the US National Institutes of Health is reporting over 600 trial studies related to cannabis. To view the latest studies visit

Medical Marijuana Market Analysis By Application (Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Migraine, Cancer), by Country and by Segment Forecasts 2013 - 2025 is downloadable here. For additional research and analysis click here.

Investors are pursuing medical marijuana stocks positioned to capitalize on The Green Rush. Monetization of Internet Business Models starts with securing your digital space as it relates to the cannabis industry.

With California leading the way and becoming the world's largest legal cannabis market, significant investment is going into digital space and ancillary services, including platforms designed to generate qualified, targeted Internet traffic resulting in an increment of sales as the result of an Cannabis Affiliate Marketing relationship.

It at all starts with a domain name that's as passionate as you are. A name that can easily reflect the ideal environment you need to engage your audience naturally.

This is particularly important in a market that's growing as fast as the broadband Internet market was in the early 2000's.

Earn a Master of Marijuana Certification
Sales projected to $22 Billion by 2020!
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When defining your Internet presence, one of the first and most important decisions you have to make is choosing YOUR Domain Name. Such choice will impact your online success in every area including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Premium Domain Names tend to show up higher in search engines, engage your target audience more effectivelly, AND immediately command market leadership.

Cannabis Domains Sale

The Portfolio contains well over 1,330 generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) as of today . The domains are spread out amongst the various market segments, with emphasis in those verticals experiencing rapid growth like Cultivation, Irrigation, Distribution, Delivery, Dispensaries, Entrepreneurship, Labs, Law, Accounting, Investing, Penny Stocks and Cannabis Real Estate.

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