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"If the Internet is a virtual world,
domain names are its real estate"
Cannabis Sales projected to $22 Billion by 2020!
*According to market research firm ArcView

3.5 million exact searches** were performed this month for Medical Marijuana, but currently Google doesn't allow ads to be linked to marijuana or cannabis. Which means Affiliate Marketing is quickly becoming a cost-effective option for generating sales, while providing huge savings in advertising.
**According to Google's Adwords Keyword Planner Tool
Delivering qualified leads & buyers to advertisers * Delivering content sought by visitors

In Affiliate Marketing, money is the driving force of the relationship and the income potential for everyone involved unlimited. For example, you can run your entire campaign online PLUS increase search engine visibility and ranking by syndicating backlinks and submitting your content to other sites. It takes only minutes to set up.

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domain names

In addition to the Affiliate Marketing Business Model, generic Top Level Domains representing exact searches such as Legal Marijuana Doctor, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Marijuana Stocks Review, Marijuana on Sale Today, Smoking Cannabis Effects, Medical Cannabis Research, Best Marijuana Stocks 2016, 2017 and 2018, Closest Marijuana Shop, Cannabis Banking, Cannabis Opiate Withdrawal Clinic and Opiate Addiction Treatment plus hundreds more just like them generating traffic and broadcasting thousands of cannabis-related ads daily.

The Portfolio is spread out thru various market segments. Names are available individually or in bulk (without content) for exclusive Partnership, Purchase or Leasing opportunities.

The Digital Footprint reaches far and beyond. For example, take two popular organic searches using the words Marijuana and Medicine; Marijuana Medicine and Marijuana IS Medicine have been secured. These domain properties currently serve PPC ads via other extensions such as .today, .co, .net, .us, .life and .xyz plus 7 more extensions for the same search terms.

Furthermore, docens of smaller Portfolios have been created containing seasonal, easy to remember brandable domains such as, and plus 13 additional domains ready for 2017/18 Christmas season, including are available (looking for exclusive Partnership, Purchase or Leasing opportunities). Please contact me for availability for ownership, customer use, partnership or other development opportunities.

Sponsored Listings displayed are automatically served by a third party. Some of the online ads you are served may be based on the content of the webpage you're visiting and other ads may be customized based on predictions about your interests generated from your visit.

If Google were to allow advertising for cannabis or marijuana, searches like "Smoking Cannabis Effects" would cost you $6 per online visitor, "Medical Cannabis Research" almost $9, "Best Marijuana Stocks 2016" about $12, "Closest Marijuana Shop" $15, and Cannabis Banking, Cannabis Opiate Withdrawal Clinic would cost you $20 per click or online visitor and Opiate Addiction Treatment over $35 per click or online visitor.

View World's Largest Cannabis .Club Portfolio

With domains like,,,,,,,,, and hundreds more. All of our domains are strategically registered to easily brand your business, while driving qualified traffic from "natural" search engine results.

In addition, classics like,, and are also available, plus hundreds of powerful names as California becomes the world's largest legal cannabis market. Names like,,,, and plus 247 other popular exact searches in relation to California only.

The platform serves online advertising companies through 3,300+ exclusive domains such as Dispensary Staffing Agency, Marijuana Events, Marijuana Card Club, Medical Marijuana Cheap, Medical Cannabis Wiki, Medical Marijuana Hospital, Medical Marijuana Pub, Medical Marijuana Town, My Marijuana Supply, Personalized Medicine Today, Cannabis Mutual Fund, Marijuana Millionaire Club, Medical Marijuana Cards, Medical Marijuana Pub, Medical Marijuana Vacations, Legal Cannabis Clinic, Indoor Marijuana Farm and Indoor Marijuana Kits, Cannabis Real Estate Agency, Marijuana Law Center and Buy Marijuana Stocks Online, while providing content that is as relevant and useful as possible.

And when you add ".club" to the end of just about any word, you're immediately by default engaged with your audience around a common interest, Cannabis. For this reason, I've also secured a specialty Portfolio with hundreds of .Club gTLD's, the perfect extension for any Cannabis-related business with a membership, subscription, loyalty or reward program. To view .Club gTLD's Portfolio click here.

Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act
Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation
Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

This is only a small sample of the 3300+ Portfolio. Domains are available individually or in bulk (without content). Looking for exclusive Partnership, Purchase or Leasing opportunities.

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PS The U.S. National Institutes of Health is reporting over 600 studies related to cannabis. For information on the latest cannabis studies visit

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